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Technik aus Leidenschaft seit 1992

The use of technology has always provided humanity with the ability to adapt to new global priorities. Rapid communication among people now gives us the opportunity to pool technological expertise and provide smart solutions for current challenges. Environment and health have no boundaries and need to be viewed from various perspectives. Therefore, it is my priority to sharpen awareness and provide services and expertise to address these challenges through joint efforts.


As a medical trade firm the development and trade of evaluated medical devices have been focused by KJION over the decade. Through strong partnerships into this industry and pharmaceuticals throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, KJION can approve and recommend solutions and offers after sales services to the distribution network.


A logical consequence when being able to produce renewable electric energy is to switch the base of today’s mobility demands from fossil driven motors to electric driven motors. KJION has developed complete electric drive trains, starting from the smallest thinkable solutions like electric skateboards, e-bikes up to high powered electric race motorcycles. In a cooperation with TGM- Vienna, KJION supported and sponsored the development of an high-tech electric race motorcycle for the annual race on Isle of Man.


Batteries are the most important factor when thinking about electric mobility. Also in many other different parts of our everyday life, high capacity and powerful electric energy storage systems cannot be resigned. KJION has dedicated herself to provide solutions for different energy sectors, starting off with the electric mobility segment. The use of state of the art and proven technologies are focused, evaluated and if necessary complimented with additional features developed by KJION. Additionally the companies experts developed and patented a Lithium Battery Pack (KJ_CORE), which has proven its high power, safety and innovative features in a co-development of an electric race motorcycle.


The usage of photovoltaic generated power through sunrays is a sustainable and wise way to produce electricity. Sun energy is freely available without any practical limitations. The usage of solar energy is already a part of the solution for the energy problems we are facing today and it will be an even stronger solution in the future. KJION has various references on 4 continents to support this strategy and offers a broad portfolio of products and consulting services.


Another very important factor if talking about energy efficiency and effectiveness is the demand for maintenance. All kind of machinery has to be maintained in order to fulfill its function. Patented industrial measurement devices have been developed by KJION, which are capable of providing the appropriate equipment so that customers can implement proactive/predictive maintenance strategies within their machine parks. Typical applications are wind turbines, water turbines, ropeways, radar systems, and all kind of rotating machinery, with the ability to predict mechanical failures in rotating industrial equipment to avoid machine breakdown and unforeseen still stands.


KJION is a technological firm, who has built up an international network of experts to trade, manufacture and market KJION- recommended solutions. The mission is to stay at the cutting edge of technological know-how and to be able to calculate outcomes of projects together with the selected high reputable partners worldwide. KJION is providing know-how in these complimentary pillars, to support the complete cycle of sustainable solutions.


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